Located in the heart of Winnipeg, our award winning international studio graduates students with proficiency, finesse, and creativity in musical expression.


* Preparation for the Royal Conservatory of Music or Canada Conservatory exams from Grade 1 to ARCT (Piano, Rudiments of Theory, Music History, Harmony, Singing for beginners).

* Coaching for auditions, competitions & festivals. Three recitals per year.

* Piano accompaniment for voice, strings, woodwinds, brass.

* Lessons focus on accommodating the individual needs and expectations.

* In teaching process, emphasis is on both: playing techniques and different styles of music.

* Students from 5 to 18 and adults.

* Well-established methods, combining European tradition with North-American inovation.

* Development of PERSONALITY, CREATIVITY, INDEPENDENCE and ARTISTRY in young and older musicians.

* Friendly atmosphere. Superb training. Excellent facilities. Trusted education.

* Lessons available six days a week.

* Monthly payments, scheduling flexibility and affordable prices.


Enrich your life or your child's future with a lifetime of musical creativity, entertainment, and beauty! 

Looking forward to sharing the joy of music with you!






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